Become musically famous

Do you want to be musically famous like Lisa and Lena? (picture above) Well you can get started today just like they did in 2015.  Lisa and Lena are twins from Germany who have successfully become famous from their entertaining musically videos. The 14 year old twins started their journey to fame in mid 2015 and now have 11 million followers on musically and 10 million on Instagram.

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So how did the identical twins from Stuttgart, Germany, gain such a huge following in this time?

I have been living in Berlin, Germany for the last two years. Every time I open my Instagram app, Lisa and Lena are there in my explore section. I have to admit they are very entertaining! I contacted them to find out their sudden rise.

They said that they started posting for fun and didn’t want to be musically famous. However; from January 2016 their followers started to exponentially rise. By April 2016 Lisa and Lena’s Instagram doubled to 850K followers.

They then sought out the help from OCFM and the owner Oliver Stefanovic. He is a successful online marketer that has prepared the twins and positioned them to be musically famous. Fast forward to April 2017 the twins have 10 million followers on Instagram, a clothing line and do many speaking events.

All of this just by working on the their videos 20 minutes a day. So how can you become musically famous?

Become musically famous

Cool username

Your username is everything. The username you use must to make sense so you get various fans. It must also make sense if the followers you acquire will be huge or not. Certain usernames will get you unwanted fans who will post to a great degree of bad comments on your posts. Chose a name that is straight forward and simple do not try and make the name too exotic, just something simple to catch fan attention. You require a username that is permanent, DO NOT be a user who changes their username all the time. This will have a negative impact if you’re trying to build a following and become musically famous. A steady name is important and straightforward for fans to find your page.

Video Quality

When filming your own videos, be sure to have a good mobile camera and also good lighting. Good cameras and lighting will ensure you to make high quality videos that users can easily view. When making a video make sure there is enough natural light.

Free musically followers

Online there are sites that offer followers. You have the choice to pay the sites to find likes for the videos that you post. There are also free musically followers sites. Click the button above to find out how to get up to 30,000 free musically followers.

In the beginning you will have a small amount of followers. Most people starting and wanting to become musically famous, your first likes will come from people in your niche, family, and friends. It is typical not to get the same number of followers and likes in your initial few days. In any case, contingent upon the kind of posted content and the type of fans that shares them, your fans will increase. You should be very patient and calm. Your followers will come the more you stay consistent.

Choose your niche

To become musically Famous you must also be consistent with your niche. If you posted on your page a hilarious video, then you must stick to this kind of content and always create videos that can make people LOL or smile. If you must mix niches then only mix at the very most two niches. So maybe for example have inspirational and funny posts videos. Do not go beyond two niches per page if you want to become musically famous, your followers will not be concentrated and wont repost or share you because you’ll have one of many generic pages out there that posts about everything.

Lisa and Lena

Lisa and Lena have used the musically app to perfection. Now they are stars meeting all kinds of celebrities and making all types of business deals within their home country Germany and worldwide. If they continue on this path Lisa and Lena can become household names in the entertainment industry. What is next for Lisa and Lena? A TV show, movies or maybe reality show. Who knows but the sky is the limit for them.

Do you want the same for you?

Then follow the advice given above and become famous. You can also click the buttons above or below to get free musically followers.