Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel and her fame

You probably already heard about the Musically app that recently became a success. This app is very popular amongst teenagers. It lets you make instant videos while adding some special filters, effects, and lip sync. After the videos are the way you like, you can then share them to be liked by other users. Teenagers just like Baby Ariel, who is the top user of Musically with over 10 million fans. According to her, she spends about 2 to 3 hours each day on the app.

Baby Ariel happened to discovered the Musically app when she saw a video one of her friends shared through Instagram. So, she started by creating her own videos using the lip sync feature, singing today's top hits.

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Musically Crown

When Musically noticed Baby Ariel, they started showing her videos on the first page and this was when her free Musically followers rocketed.

Ever since this happened, she moved on from an ordinary girl at school to a Musically celebrity who also talks to other young social media celebrities. After all, they're not only famous as they are still girls as well.

The thing is that despite her huge success, she just likes what she does, she enjoys putting a smile on other faces. So, every single day without exception, she selects a song and she practices for the video. As soon as she records it, she takes a look to see if it's good or not. In case it isn't, it's time to record another one to make sure that she gets the result she wants.

Completely focused on her fans, she also makes videos for YouTube and she spends countless hours editing them.

If you're inspired by Baby Ariel's success and her huge follower's number in Musically, you're probably wondering how you can also get free Musically followers.

As you know, when an app reaches the popularity and success that Musically currently has, it turns more difficult to be on top. Despite it has never been easier to get free Musically followers, the more people create and share their videos the worse the odds for you.

So, there is a free service that allows you to get 20,000 followers and 10,000 fans on your account. Yes, you read it right... It's free.

When we talk about social media, videos, or apps, you know that followers and fans count; and they mean a lot. The more followers and fans you have, the better your chances of living a life similar to Baby Arial. She even stepped out of school and is now having online classes to make sure that she enjoys as many things as she can while doing her Musically videos and taking care of her YouTube channel.

Free Musically Followers

Getting free Musically followers doesn't need to be anything illegal at all. These are actually real people who will be increasing your number of shares, likes, and followers.

First of all, just look at Baby Ariel and her success. All she did was creating her videos and making sure they would put a smile on everyone's faces and she started sharing them.

She did pay a dime for any of her followers as well as she didn't provide any personal information. This is something that you should really watch out for these days. And since only humans are allowed to use this service, they don't allow any spam at all.

All that she does is being herself on the videos she creates and then edits. She is not trying to be someone else and this is giving her more confidence every day.

She didn't start on YouTube by chance as well. When she got all the free Musically followers, she just went to YouTube to see the people who have more views on their videos to see if she could understand how to do it as well.

Like Lisa and Lena, Baby Ariel doesn't have any idea about how much money she is making.  Oh, and to the prom dress. One sign that she is actually making a good amount of money is that she uploaded a video with her and her mother shopping her prom dress at the high-end fashion retailer Nordstrom.

Without knowing how her future is going to be.  Baby Ariel just wants to continue with what she is doing now. She is loving each step of the way and she intends to keep going. After that, who knows? We will need to wait and see what this teenage girl is going to do next.